For the past term, in maths we have been learning about decimals and maps. We learnt how to count by decimals, add and use fractions with decimals. I found the decimlas kind of hard, but in the test I did ok. I got 10 out of 16, which is ok, but I could of done better. During the last couple of days in maths, we have been learning about maps. We are making a map for people if they want to take their kids to St Therese, and they will look at it when they have a tour of this school. We havn’t done much of it yet, but I can’t wait until the maps are completed.

In maths, for the past 4 or 5 weeks, we have split into 2 groups which were division and multipication. I’m in division and we have been learning pretty hard stuff. I’m not very smart, but I aventually get it. We all have learning partners to help each other with hard problems. My learning partner is Zara and she helps me with a lot of stuff. Some of the division sums were easy, so then Mr Hindson made it harder. So we did some ratios and percentages. So that made it EXTRA hard, but I got there in the end, I think.

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