For Literacy, we have been doing the rubric, and we have been doing a workshop each day. The workshops are writing, blogging and reading. In Blogging, we have been doing 100 Word Challenges, and they are REALLY fun. In the reading workshop, we have been reading short text or stories, and have been answering questions about the story. In the writing workshop, we have been making movie trailers for one of our narratives. You would go with a partner and act it out, and we are using I.Movie! The letter to the olympian was really cool because you were writing to your hero, and if you LOVE that Olympian, that is doing your favourite sport, it’s like writing to a celibrity! I finished my BTN clip really fast for some reason but the video was really mean to the animals because they were doing animal cruelty. I could take my learning further by doing something different from other people and my friends because most of my friends did the Newspaper Article about Sally Pearson, and so did I and I think that I should try something different.

The latest things we have been doing in Literacy were getting a new rubric, and doing our workshops which were the reading workshop, blogging workshops, writing workshops, spelling workshop, and of course we did our rubric, In the Reading Workshop, Mr Dando made us do a test and it was about reading and answering the questions properly. I had to do the test again because in the first one I did, I didn’t go very well, so I did an easier one and I got most of the questions right. In the Blogging Workshop, we got to make a little story or cartoon on this website called Domo! It was SO fun and I really enjoyed it. I hope that we do something like that in Blogging again. In the Writing Workshop, we got a picture, and I had to describe about that picture and see if we could put that into a narrative at the start.
I was a bit behind in the rubric at first, but then I’m not really behind anymore. I think that I sit with my friends and I sometimes don’t get work done. I really enjoyed doing Literacy this term. It’s one of my favourite subjects!!!

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