Big Idea

Mind, Body and Soul

Over the past 2 terms we have been learning about the Mind, Body and Soul. We did lots of rotations. When we did the mind rotations, I learned how you can relax your mind and keep it calm by doing meditation and other activities. In the body rotations, we looked what was inside us and how our body works. Also we looked at how we can keep our body fit and healthy. The soul was my favourite rotations that we did because there were HEAPS of ways how to feed your soul by doing lots of activities. You can’t see your soul, but it is really cool how you can do different activities to feed it. My favourite rotation in all of mind, body and soul, it would have to be Mini Masterchef and Combo Station.

For the rest of the term, I am going to us emy interest of netball to link to our topic the mind, body and soul to complete 2 tasks that I have talk about with a 5/6 teacher.

Negotiated Task 1: I will find out what netball players eat and drink and make a diet plan cookbook of what they eat.

Negotiated Task 2: I am finding out how long and how netball players train and doing a video of how to play netball with all of the main positions like Centre, Goal Shooter and Goal Attack, Goal Keeper and Goal Defence and also Wing Attack and Wing Defence.

To get these tasks completed I need to: Record my friends and me doig a video on how to play netball and complete a cookbook on what netball players eat and drink.

So far, I have completed a diet plan cookbook, a graph on how you feel after a game of netball and a powerpoint on how to shoot in netball.
The cookbook has food and drinks of what netball players eat in a day. I did the cookbook first because I didn’t knw how long it would take.
When I did the graph, I went around to people who play netball and asked them how they feel after a game of netball. If they feel happy, tired, excited, frustrated or proud. Most people felt proud.
With the powerpoint on how to shoot in netball was hard. It was hard because I had to find time with my friends when they could help me. It tells you how to push with my arms and legs.

I would really like to know how much time netball players get to spend with their family and special events because they would be training or playing a game of netball.

I am probably most proud of my cookbook because it took me a long time to do and I actually learnt some food tips from it.
If I had enough time left, I would of done a book on how to defend in netball, because I already had a book on how to shoot.
I probably need to improve on not sitting with my friends because I get destracted and it sometimes wasted my time. Also maybe my presentation and making my actual project on netball more related to the overall topic which was mind, body and soul.
I was actually suprised that I finished everything on time and I wasn’t rushing to get it done and I got it all done.

I am still wondering what netballers train with and how long they train for, also what recipes they use to cook a healthy meal.
I completed what I wanted to be completed and on the day, most people read my book on how to shoot in netball.
I thought that I had done enough, but I used a computer most of the time and I could of got a book instead. Mine was like I had to just use paper, like I didn’t do a movie on how to shoot in netball, I did a book instead. I also could of done a bibliography. I did finish all of the stuff I wanted to be finished, but my presentation could of been neater.

Big Idea is over for this term now, and we had the expo. I finished everything that I wanted to be finished, and I had a lot of time left, so I did a quiz on the Olympics.
Economics– I finished my diary/journal on going to the London 2012 Olympic Games for $15000 and I think that was the best one I did. I’m really happy with it.
Geography– I finished my Persuasive Text on which place should hold the Olympics in 2020, and I thought that Tokyo should. I finished that early, and I was happy with it, but it didn’t really make much sense, so I got the teacher to help me with it, and it made bmore sense, and more persuading in it.
History– I finished my BTN clip and I am really happy with it and it was really good because I got my friends to help me with it. I’m really happy and proud of it as well.
I LOVED doing Big Idea this term because we were still doing work, but the teachers made it REALLY fun, so I enjoyed it.


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