Big Idea, Term 3-The Olympics-History, Geography, Economics

This term, (term 3) we have been learning about the Olympics, with the sub-focus of history, geography and economics. During the first week of term, we did rotations which were Olympic History, Australian History, British and Eurpoean History, Economics and Geography.

In the Olympic History, we had to watch a video on what they did in the first Olympics. In British and Eurpoean History, we watched some Horrible Histories, and it was really gross. In Economics, we did a debate on if Melbourne should hold the Olympics next. I said that Melbourne should hold the Olympics, and in the end it was a draw. In Geography, we got a HUGE map and we foud out the places that have held the Olympics. I foud out that there was a place called St Louis in North America, and it has held the Olympics. Last but not least, in Australian History, we found out AWESOME facts on the Australian History.

For History I am doing…….
I am doing a BTN Clip on the ancient Olympics, and I am filming what sports they did and I will be talking about the sports and interesting facts about the ancient Olympics.

For Geography I am doing…..
I am doing a Persuasive Text on if Tokyo should hold the Olympics in 2020, but in 2016, Rio is holding the Olympics.

For Economics I am doing……
I need to investigate if you could go to the Olympics and stay at a place, and have food for $1500.

I will need to complete these tasks……

History- I will need to film about the sports that they did in the first Olympics in Greece. I also have some of my friends to help me act and film.

Geography- I have already completed this task, but I had to find out all of this information for the persuasive text, and I did a nice mosiac backround for it.

Economics- I will need to find a book on London and find out flights, accomodition, food and to get tickets for the Olympics.

My Progress Each Week…..

History- I am filming my BTN clip this week.

Geography- I have already finished my Persuasive Text.

Economics- I have nearly found out the price for the flights to go and come back from London.

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