Literacy- Holidays- Melbourne Show!

On the holidays, I went to the Melbourne Show with my mum and sister!

I saw tall rides, lots of big and small farm animals and people laughing and having a good time! I also saw 1D world!
I heard lots of people laughing, rides making loud noises and people shouting about all the big rides they see.
I tasted the warm hotdog in my mouth, the fairy floss mealting in my mouth and soft drink in my mouth.
I smelt the yummy hot chip, the yucky smell of farm animals and the smoke coming from the rides.
My arms felt numb from carrying all if the showbags, but inside, I felt SO happy to be here with my family, having a good time!

BTN Super Trawler

The BTN clip is about these ships called the Super Trawler. They have a big net at the back of it and the catch fish to use for bait, and for eating. Apparently, the ship can hold about 7 big jets! Mostly, everyone doesn’t want the Super Trawler to roam aroud the sea. It WAY to big! It is taking fish out of their natural habitat, and I definitly disagree that it should be in the ocean. I’m wondering why people are getting these big nets, and getting these big loads of fish out of the ocean!! I mean, it’s REALLY silly! I felt a bit sad, because people are taking fish out of their natural habitat, and imagine if you got moved out of your home and went to live with some random family! I really don’t like the Super Trawler!

BTN- Medal Misery

This video is about how some people aren’t impressed by how Australia didn’t win much gold medals in the Olympics in London 2012. But people and teenagers might have a solution.

I think that the idea is great how people who play sport have been put up to the challenge to get fitter and healthier so they can get better at their sport. But, some people can’t afford to pay to do this challenge, so it is a bit hard. But people who can afford to do this challenge, and if they try their hardest, REALLY want to get into the Olympics. I defiantly agree that athletes should do this challenge to get fitter and healthier because doing that might min Australia more golds in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Lets just hope that it will work!

Blogging Challenge

Glitter Text @

I actually can’t believe it! I won, I’m prom queen! Wait, the story doesn’t start here, it all started on the 18 of June. My little baby brother was born. I was the only child, but until today. The nurse said that today, mum and my baby brother Billy could go home. Wait, I haven’t told you my name, my name is Eliza. I was talking to the nurse about me, and one time, she thought I was being rude, and I apologised, and I actually said madam instead! On the way home, the highway was REALLY busy. When we got home, there were HEAPS of presents for Billy! SO NOT FAIR! A few years later, I was 18, and Billy was 3, and he was ALWAYS breaking my stuff! Also, on Halloween, mum let Billy do my hair, and it was monstrosity! I was really shocked, and one time Billy nearly poured tea onto my leg, and for his birthday, he got a canoe! I talked to mum about all of this stuff that Billy had done to me. Mum told me that he is only little!
Back to prom! The crown was a big shimmer on my head!

Homework- Favourite Olympian!!

Lauren Mitchell, born 23 July 1991, in Subiaco, Western Australia, is an Australian artistic gymnast. She is the 2010 World Champion on floor and the 2009 World Championships silver medalist on balance beam and floor. Lauren is only the second Australian woman gymnast to win medals at a World Championships, and the first to win gold! She is a good role model because I LOVE gymnastics, and in the 2012 Olympics, she had sore muscles, but she didn’t say that she couldn’t do it, she just did it and overall she came the 5th best gymnast in the world! So, she is a good role model because she keeps going, and I know in my past, if I was sore, I wouldn’t play sport.

Chain Story – Literacy

In the first week of term 3, in Literacy we did a chain story. We had to write a bit of a made-up story and we had about 2 minutes to write it, and after 2 minutes we gave it to the next person and they would write something random. This is my story!

“OMG, we are up really high”, I thought to myself. “Hey Annabelle, do you have any snacks in your bag because I’m really hungry”, Louis Tomlinson asked me. “Yeah I do, but can you get them out because we are up really high”, I asked Louis. If you’re wondering, Louis is my best friend. Except, Louis accidently slipped and he started to fall! But then, Power Pony came and saved him, and also on the pony were Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik!

But, then a fly flew into the Power Pony and he went all funny. Then his face went evil. Then, out of the blue, a giant doughnut came and ate One Direction. Luckily, we had a hammer in my bag for some weird reason, and smashed it in the evil pony’s face! And all of the boys came out, so then they could go to their 2012 concert in Melbourne.

They walked back to the car and drove to Melbourne for their concert. In the corner of Annabelle’s eye, she saw the Evil Pony dancing near the sound check. She was worried, but just then; a zoo keeper came and got it to take it back to the zoo. Finally, after a long day, we all went out for dinner and relaxed in the spa! The next day, we all went to the zoo to look at and hold some koala’s, and in the corner of Annabelle’s eye, was the Evil Pony!

100 WC- The noise was terrifying but

“I can’t wait to go to America”! My name is Jasmine and my family are going to America for 3 weeks! We are going to see Disneyland and heaps more! I am writing a diary on when I’m in America, and this is how it starts.

Dear Diary, I’m on the plane now and the flight is REALLY boring! I will tell you more about my flight when I get to America!

Dear Diary, on the plane, the noise was terrifying but luckily I didn’t get sick. Early this morning, we arrived, and today we went to Hollywood! I was flabbergasted when I saw the sign!

100 WC- My race was about to begin when…

I was at the corner of the floor, ready to do my routine and try and get a gold for my country Australia for Gymnastics. I was REALLY worried, my race was about to begin when, the horn blew for me to do my routine. But I just stopped and stood there. It was my first Olympics and I was worried as ever! “You can go now”, the judge whispered to me. “Oh right,” I said with shaky lips. I did a round off, then a ariel, a back flip and a split jump. At the end, they announced the winner, and the winner is….. Sophia Anilily