Jeannie Baker

Jennnie Baker was born in Croydon, England November 2 1950. She’s a multi-award winning artist who has written 12 books so far. Her first book that she wrote was called Polar in 1975. Her books Belonging, Window, Home in the Sky, Where the Forest Meets the Sea and Mirror have all won awards. Her husband David Blackwell died in 2012. It takes her about 3 years to finish one of her books, but on of her stories One Hungry Spider only took her 3 months to do. She also made a 10 minute animated film called The Story of Rosy Dock, and got a gold medal for animation in 1995. She has also done 7 travelling exhibitions. Jeannie Baker moved to Sydney after she attened art college. All of her stories are about the enviroment or other cultures.

Family Tribute: My Cousin Maddy

My cousin Maddy is like one of my best friends. I am only six months older than her and we both have the some middle name. We do lots of things together and we go camping with our family and hers too. She has always been there for me when I’m upset, and when Maddy is upset, I comfort her too, and I feel like I can talk to her about anything because she’ss understand. We have so many photos and good memories of us, and when I look at the photos, it feels like that I’ve only known her for a few years, when really I’ve known her my whole life.

Why did you lie??

“Why did you lie?”

“Well, I kind of had to lie!” I shouted at mum. “No you didn’t! You could of just told the truth in the first place!” mum said angrily as she gave me a mean death stare. I could tell hy mum was angry, because she yells and gives me a mean stare and she has one hand on her hip. This is what I like to call cranky mum! But I couldnt blame her, I mean I cheated on my maths test and I got every questoin right, nad now the teacher is forcing me to be in the maths team called the Brainiacs, and they compete in maths challenges all around the state.

Mum thinks that I should just tell the teacher that I cheated and just suffer the conserquences, but that means that I’ll get a detention and I’m NEVER going back into that room ever AGAIN! So what I’m going to do is, I’m just going to get my little sisters baby food and spill it on the bathroom floor and say that I just spewed, or I’ll just wagg school because I’m a rebel. But I think that I’ll just go with wagging school because it’s eaiser easier and my mum will never by it that I’m sick because she knows that I dont what to go. I just hope that mum doesn’t catch me!

Today is the maths challenge and I still need to hear back from my friends to see if they can still wagg school with me. The bus is coming now and I’m going to catch it to the skatepark. And I just told mum that I didn’t need her to drop me off at school, but it’s weird because most kids would like for their parents to drop them off at school, but not today for me!

I arrived at the skatepark and saw all of my friends already on their skateboards riding up and down the steep ramps and hills. I ran over and started to skate. But just before I could do anything, my phone rang. I got it out of my pocket and looked at who was calling me. It was mum! I answered the phone. “Hello,” I spoke feeling worried. “Oh, hello Belle, I was just wondering where you were,” mum asked. “Umm, I’m on the bus going to the maths challenge, why where do you think I was?” I asked mum. “Well I don’t know, because I just got a phone call from your maths teacher wondering where you were,” mums voice said sounding more angry. “Ohhhh,” I answered back with shakey hands. I’m going to be in SO much trouble! Then, mum spoke…..


Homework – 100 Word Challenge

Today was the best day of my life, the day where all of my dreams came true. Today was the day that I got to go and see V8 Race Cars! So now I’m sitting in the stands, waiting for the races to start. Then BOOM! The gun shot and all of the cars started to zoom around the race track. I was routing for car 56! Then, the car stopped suddenly just before the finish line! Everyone started to cheer to keep on going when it just revved with all its might and just zoomed past the finish line right before car 45.

Blogging Challenge- 10 people you want to meet

If I could meet 10 people I would probably meet…

Sharelle McMahon– Because she is an awesome netball player and she is my idol! If I could ask her a question I would ask her, why did she want to play netball in the first place, like why not do swimming or another sport?

Taylor Swift Because she is such a great person and she’s incredible. I would ask her, if she wasn’t a famous, then what would she be doing?

One Direction– I would DEFIANTLY want to meet One Direction because I love them SO much and they are just INCREDIBLE! I would ask them, do you ever think that your the biggest boy band in the world and does that ever get you excited?

Little Mix– They are SO incredible, beautiful and great singers. Do you ever get compared to The Spice Girls or other bands like that?

Ariana Grande One word for her, INCREDIBLE! And if I could ask her any question, I would ask her if the screaming ever gets annoying?

Glee Cast– I love Glee SO much and it is my favourite show and it has taught me a lot. I would ask them, how long do you think Glee will go on for? Like how many Seasons.

Student Blogging Challenge

Weird Email – Literacy

Dear Kate,
I understand that you have had a rough time these last few weeks, but that is NO excuse to skip work! There are papers falling all over me and it very messy in your office, and your coffee and milk stinks! Your boss Meg said that if you don’t come back tomorrow then she will give your job to someone else and you can be the cleaner or something like that! You’re terrible and you need to come back NOW!! Or I’ll come over and get you myself!!
Sincerly, the carpet!

My Holiday to NSW and Queensland!

I went for a 4 week holiday to Coffs Harbour in NSW, and to Queensland in Surfers Paradise. I had a GREAT time!!! But the only bad thing was that we drived up and the drive took FOREVER!!

In Coffs Harbour, I went to see a dolphin and seal show, and they both kissed me on the cheek. It was really cool. The weather was really warm, and then when I came back to Torquay, the weather wasn’t as warm! Most of the time I was in the pool in and the pool had 3 slides so I was always on them!! Also at night time, we went onto the jumping pillow because it was inflating so it was really hard to jump on it!!

After we left Coffs Harbour, it was a 4 hour drive to the Gold Coast. Once we arrived at the caravan park, we unpack and put the caravan up. Once we finished I went inot the pool for about 2 hours. And just like in Coffs Harbour, I spent most of the time in the pool. I went to SeaWorld, Wet’n’wild and Movieworld!!! I LOVED Moiveworld!! My favourite rides there are the Superman Escape, The Scooby Doo and The Batwing!! I also did a lot of shopping there!! I went on every at Seaworld, Wet’ n ‘Wild and Movieworld!

After a long time in the caravan, we packed up and went to a hotel!! We didn’t go to Cresent head because my mum really wanted to stay in Queensland!! We only stayed in the hotel for one night because my dad wanted to go to a caravan park near the beach! We stayed there for a few nights! I went to the beach EVERYDAY and went boogie-boarding!! The waves there were awesome!! I also got the Zayn, Liam and Harry One Direction magazine!!

After staying at the beach for a while, we packed up the caravan and drove home. It took us 3 days to get home! Once I arrived home, I went and layed on my bed, and it was SO COMFY!! I had a GREAT holiday and I REALLY want to go back again next year!!