Homework- Weekly Revision

Monday- It was a normal Monday for me. Go to school, come home from school and go to netball training. But netball training was cancelled due to the rain, so RubyP and I made cupcakes and played on the Wii. But, our cupcakes burnt…

A normal school day today. Again. But after school, we had netball! It was really fun, and it was cool because we got over 40 goals, and it was really exciting.

Wednesday- Today, I played soccer because the year 6’s that were doing Confirmation had to gown to the church, so I played soccer with ParisF and some other year 5’s. It was really fun and I had a great time. We only played 2 games, and we lost 1, and won the other.

Thursday would probably have to be the best day of the whole week, because I had netball for the whole day. We won every game, and we got a trophy and a netball and we all signed it. I had SO much fun! It was the best day ever!

Friday- At school, Mr Hindson brought his dog called Limo in for the day. We was SO cute! After school, I went straight to netball, and we won, but I can’t remember what the score was. Then after, I went to the Bellbrae disco. It was so much fun dancing and hanging out with my friends. Then after, I went over to KateMc’s house for a sleepover.

Saturday- I woke up feeling really tired and sore from the night before. Kate and I went shopping in Geelong with her sister Amy and her mum Cathy. It was really fun, and lunch was delicious.

Sunday- Because I wasn’t doing my Confirmation, I went to Westfield again with my mum and we went shopping. I had such a great time, and I got heaps of clothes and we had a really yummy lunch.

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