Homework- 10 dream jobs- challenge about number 10

1- The first dream job that I really want to do it travel. I’ve always wanted to go out of Australia and go to America. That is one of the most places that I desperately want to go to. Also Europe, like London, Paris and other places is Europe. Asia, China, Japan and Tokyo. Also, to Bali, little islands and maybe Africa. I’ve always known so much about Australia, but I always wanted to see what the world has to offer.

2- My second dream job would to be a famous netball player because netball is my life! I love it so much and I would love to follow in the steps of Sharelle McMahon. It would be a dream of a life time if I became a netball player, but it would be hard work.

3- The third dream job would to be a make-up and hair dresser artist because I love doing people’s hair and make-up. I always do my mum’s make-up if she’s going somewhere, and I like to sometimes plate my hair and straighten it as well.

4- My fourth dream job would to be a fashion designer because I love clothes and anything to do with clothes. I also like to design wedding dresses. Even though I can’t really make any clothes, it would be a cool job to do.

5- My fifth dream job would to be singer because ever since I was younger I’ve always liked to sing and watch movie and TV shows which have got to do with music and singing. Even though I can’t really sing, it would be amazing to be famous and just sing on a stage and do what you love.

6- The sixth dream job that I would want to be, would be a interviewer because you can talk to celebrities and meet new people and it would be so much fun. It would a dream!

7- My seventh dream job would be to, ummm, I actually don’t know, I think that I said them all.

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