Homework- Reflective Week 3rd

Monday– UH, Mondays. Having to wake up on a cold morning, and when you’re juts lying in your warm bed, you think, oh great, I have to go to school. So I went to school, and it was our last time, until Friday, to do a proper day because the year 5’s have to do Naplan. After school, I went to netball training and it was really cold, but it was so much fun.

Tuesday– Netball day!! I was really excited because I had netball on! Tuesday was also a bit different because the year 5’s were doing Naplan, so it kind of mucked up our schedule. So instead, in the morning, all of the year 6’s went over to the prep buildings, and we were writing a story. It was really fun. And after school, I played netball!!! YAY! It was so much fun, and we won but I can’t really remember the score. I think that maybe I could of played better, but I went in my favourite position GA!! I had so much fun!

Wednesday– IT was just like Tuesday, with the year 5’s doing Naplan, so we went over to the prep buildings and made our stories. And after school I just got to rest and do nothing! 🙂

Thursday– Today was the day that we got to finish our stories with our buddies. I had lots of fun making it, and we finished today because my buddy kept getting distracted with things, but yeah, it was really fun. When I got home from school, I didn’t have to do anything again because my sisters netball team had a bye, so I didn’t have to play.

Friday– FUN FRIDAYS! I love going to school on Friday’s because in the morning we do Maths and Literacy, then after snack was Daily 3, then it was sport and draw squad! I had SO much fun doing Zumba half the time for sport. I really want to do it again sometime. Then after Zumba was netball! It was really fun, but besides the fact that I hurt my finger and I couldn’t bend it, I still had a great time. After lunch was draw squad and I had a ball. It was so fun and I couldn’t stop laughing. After school I went to Geelong before I played netball to get some new Nike Frees, then I played netball! It was really fun, and we lost buy I think 2 or 3 goals, but that’s ok. We can try again next time.

Saturday– I did NOTHING! I just chilled at home and did nothing. And of course it was lazy Saturday so we had Fish and Chips for dinner, and after I watched a movie.

Sunday– It was my cousins birthday, so we went over to his house and played around for a bit. And after we all walked down to the footy oval and played some footy and kicked some goals. Lets just say that I’m probably not the best footy player…

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