Homework- Reflective Week 2nd

Monday– Oh, Monday’s. Well, it was just a typical Monday at school. My absolute favourite thing that we do at school is Daily 3. I used to really not like it, but ever since I’ve started writing stories at home, I’ve got more of an idea to write stories at school. So now, I’ve written about 5 stories. I may not have finished them yet, but on Monday I thought that I had fun writing my story. And after school, Ruby.P came to my house again for netball training.

Tuesday– YAY! I love Tuesday’s because I have something to look forward to at the end of the day, and that’s netball. And yes, of course Tuesday was just like an ordinary day, and we won netball again, but I think that maybe we could of done maybe a little better.

Wednesday– Ah, Wednesday. My rest day. And yes, it was a normal day again at school. Woke up, ate, went to school, came home from school, ate, and went to sleep.

– On Thursday it was specialist and I love specialist because is has a variety of things that we do during the day, and it’s just so fun because it’s like all the things that we do in specialist, is all of the things that we do in high school. After school, I played netball for my sisters team, but the other team didn’t show up, so we just stayed at Surfworld for about 20 minutes just shooting goals and playing games.

Friday– YAY! Friday! One of the best days of the week! So Friday was just like an ordinary day. But I was excited because I had netball on! After school, I got dressed straight into my netball clothes because my game was at 5:05. I played netball and it was so fun! WE lost :(, but that’s okay because we can lose some games, and win some, but we never give up and we always keep going.

Saturday– It felt so nice sleep in. I just did nothing on Saturday. I love Saturday’s because I can just rest, or I can do what I want. But, it was Kesia’s birthday party. It was that you had to dress up as a animal from the jungle, and I went as a cheetah. It was SO much fun and I enjoyed it so much. It was also nice to see Tijanna again, considering I haven’t seen her in ages.

Sunday– Oh, I really don’t like Sunday’s. They’re so boring. Because my parents just like to rest and do nothing, so that means that I have to do nothing…

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