Homework- Reflective Week

Monday– On Monday, I went to school and when I got home, I went to netball training with Ruby Papworth. It was really fun and I thought that I could’ve probably trained a bit harder.

Tuesday– On Tuesday, I went to school, and school was finished, I tried my science experiment again, until I went to netball. My team the Zappos won, and I think that it was really fun because we all went into positions that we don’t go in. I thought that I maybe could of played a little bit better in WA, but I think that I played ok in GD because I hardly go in that position.

– On Wednesday, of course, I went to school. But 2 classes went to Mass, so we did something different. We got to do Rebus Writing, and it was really fun, because you had to put a picture there, instead of a word. It took a while to do, so the teachers sent it home for homework. When I got home, I did nothing…

Thursday– Thursday was SO fun! We started our little activities. They were SO fun! I enjoyed them so much. It was really good because it was free choice and we could choose what we wanted to do, like it was like a free day. In the afternoon, our class showed our experiments. Emma.W showed hers, and after a while, it worked. After school finished, I had to play for my sisters netball team. We only had 4 players, until someone from the other tea, had to come into our team for a quarter, to make us play. We lost, but it was a really hard game, espically me because I was playing in the year 7, 8, and 9 comp. I thought I played alright considering that I was playing with and against people who are older than me.

– Friday! One of my favourite days of the week. We did the same thing on Thursday, like the little activities. There was a new suduko, so that was first on my list. Friday was my day to do my experiment. I did the Flying Tea Bag. My experiment didn’t work, but that’s because sometimes it doesn’t work, so trial and error. But it does work. After school finished, I caught the bus home with Emma.W, Emma.Q, Ella.R, Meg, and Jessi-Rose because I was going bowling. I won this thing in the news paper for my birthday, and it said that I could go bowling with 5 friends. I had so much fun, but I didn’t win, but that’s okay. It was actually really hard to play because I was so used to playing bowling on the Wii. I was supposed to play netball, but we have to many players in our team, but it was our week off.

Saturday– Sleeping in feels so good until, “come on, get up, we’re going to the netball,” is shouted at you by your mum. I went to watch Torquay vs Anglesea, and I saw Emma.Q and Emma.W. I had loads of fun. But after Emma.Q left, and Emma.W went somewhere, I was stuck in the car, waiting for mum so we could go home. When she finally came, we went and go chips and gravy from this shop in Anglesea called Jums. They are DELICIOUS! And after that, I did nothing. But, after dinner when my sister bought the dogs upstairs, there was only one dog. My sister told me that my other dog has had a fit because it has epilepsy, and it had been going for a while, her fit. So my dad had to take her to the vet in Geelong, but in the car, she died. I could not stop crying when I found out. She was the first pet that I’d ever had. I was really sad because it was so sudden.

Sunday– Sunday=bored. I do nothing on Sunday’s. I went on the Wii and my Iphone, and just really did nothing! But I did this on Sunday.

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