Jeannie Baker

Jennnie Baker was born in Croydon, England November 2 1950. She’s a multi-award winning artist who has written 12 books so far. Her first book that she wrote was called Polar in 1975. Her books Belonging, Window, Home in the Sky, Where the Forest Meets the Sea and Mirror have all won awards. Her husband David Blackwell died in 2012. It takes her about 3 years to finish one of her books, but on of her stories One Hungry Spider only took her 3 months to do. She also made a 10 minute animated film called The Story of Rosy Dock, and got a gold medal for animation in 1995. She has also done 7 travelling exhibitions. Jeannie Baker moved to Sydney after she attened art college. All of her stories are about the enviroment or other cultures.

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