Blogging Challenge- 10 people you want to meet

If I could meet 10 people I would probably meet…

Sharelle McMahon– Because she is an awesome netball player and she is my idol! If I could ask her a question I would ask her, why did she want to play netball in the first place, like why not do swimming or another sport?

Taylor Swift Because she is such a great person and she’s incredible. I would ask her, if she wasn’t a famous, then what would she be doing?

One Direction– I would DEFIANTLY want to meet One Direction because I love them SO much and they are just INCREDIBLE! I would ask them, do you ever think that your the biggest boy band in the world and does that ever get you excited?

Little Mix– They are SO incredible, beautiful and great singers. Do you ever get compared to The Spice Girls or other bands like that?

Ariana Grande One word for her, INCREDIBLE! And if I could ask her any question, I would ask her if the screaming ever gets annoying?

Glee Cast– I love Glee SO much and it is my favourite show and it has taught me a lot. I would ask them, how long do you think Glee will go on for? Like how many Seasons.

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One thought on “Blogging Challenge- 10 people you want to meet

  1. G’day Catelyn,
    You are definitely a music person. I wonder what it is about One Direction that has so many girls enthralled!

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