My Holiday to NSW and Queensland!

I went for a 4 week holiday to Coffs Harbour in NSW, and to Queensland in Surfers Paradise. I had a GREAT time!!! But the only bad thing was that we drived up and the drive took FOREVER!!

In Coffs Harbour, I went to see a dolphin and seal show, and they both kissed me on the cheek. It was really cool. The weather was really warm, and then when I came back to Torquay, the weather wasn’t as warm! Most of the time I was in the pool in and the pool had 3 slides so I was always on them!! Also at night time, we went onto the jumping pillow because it was inflating so it was really hard to jump on it!!

After we left Coffs Harbour, it was a 4 hour drive to the Gold Coast. Once we arrived at the caravan park, we unpack and put the caravan up. Once we finished I went inot the pool for about 2 hours. And just like in Coffs Harbour, I spent most of the time in the pool. I went to SeaWorld, Wet’n’wild and Movieworld!!! I LOVED Moiveworld!! My favourite rides there are the Superman Escape, The Scooby Doo and The Batwing!! I also did a lot of shopping there!! I went on every at Seaworld, Wet’ n ‘Wild and Movieworld!

After a long time in the caravan, we packed up and went to a hotel!! We didn’t go to Cresent head because my mum really wanted to stay in Queensland!! We only stayed in the hotel for one night because my dad wanted to go to a caravan park near the beach! We stayed there for a few nights! I went to the beach EVERYDAY and went boogie-boarding!! The waves there were awesome!! I also got the Zayn, Liam and Harry One Direction magazine!!

After staying at the beach for a while, we packed up the caravan and drove home. It took us 3 days to get home! Once I arrived home, I went and layed on my bed, and it was SO COMFY!! I had a GREAT holiday and I REALLY want to go back again next year!!

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