Homework- RE

In the few sessions that we had for our RE project, Kate, Justine, Jessi and I completed a project on Hinduism. We made a box with information in it and pictures that Justine drew, and some food on the presentation day. I learnt a lot, and the most interesting thing that I learnt was that the are over 1,000,000,000 people who follow Hinduism and that is about 13% of the world. Hinduism is also the 3rd most popular religion in the world, and it just comes after Christianity and Islam. I thought that we worked well together, but there were troubles along the way, and for the first few sessions we had group problems so I think that we could of used our time better and done more information and other things to do show.

Homework- Weekly Revision

Monday- It was a normal Monday for me. Go to school, come home from school and go to netball training. But netball training was cancelled due to the rain, so RubyP and I made cupcakes and played on the Wii. But, our cupcakes burnt…

A normal school day today. Again. But after school, we had netball! It was really fun, and it was cool because we got over 40 goals, and it was really exciting.

Wednesday- Today, I played soccer because the year 6’s that were doing Confirmation had to gown to the church, so I played soccer with ParisF and some other year 5’s. It was really fun and I had a great time. We only played 2 games, and we lost 1, and won the other.

Thursday would probably have to be the best day of the whole week, because I had netball for the whole day. We won every game, and we got a trophy and a netball and we all signed it. I had SO much fun! It was the best day ever!

Friday- At school, Mr Hindson brought his dog called Limo in for the day. We was SO cute! After school, I went straight to netball, and we won, but I can’t remember what the score was. Then after, I went to the Bellbrae disco. It was so much fun dancing and hanging out with my friends. Then after, I went over to KateMc’s house for a sleepover.

Saturday- I woke up feeling really tired and sore from the night before. Kate and I went shopping in Geelong with her sister Amy and her mum Cathy. It was really fun, and lunch was delicious.

Sunday- Because I wasn’t doing my Confirmation, I went to Westfield again with my mum and we went shopping. I had such a great time, and I got heaps of clothes and we had a really yummy lunch.

Homework- RE

For the RE homework, I chose my Dad because he has done so much for me and my family, and he gets up really early in the morning to go to work so he can earn money for his family, so we can eat, live in a house and go to school. My dad shows,

.Right Judgement


.Self Control

Start and Stop Poems

Through the storm,
the loud thunder rumbles and I almost feel the house is shaking,
the lightning bolt flashes,
lighting up both the sky and our house,
the cold hail pours down on the rusty tin roof,
and it’s raining as if the world can’t soak it all in,
as I’m rugged up on the couch,
the fire crackling,
and the TV buzzing,
I feel safe,
Through the storm.

Red Umbrella

Homework- 10 dream jobs- challenge about number 10

1- The first dream job that I really want to do it travel. I’ve always wanted to go out of Australia and go to America. That is one of the most places that I desperately want to go to. Also Europe, like London, Paris and other places is Europe. Asia, China, Japan and Tokyo. Also, to Bali, little islands and maybe Africa. I’ve always known so much about Australia, but I always wanted to see what the world has to offer.

2- My second dream job would to be a famous netball player because netball is my life! I love it so much and I would love to follow in the steps of Sharelle McMahon. It would be a dream of a life time if I became a netball player, but it would be hard work.

3- The third dream job would to be a make-up and hair dresser artist because I love doing people’s hair and make-up. I always do my mum’s make-up if she’s going somewhere, and I like to sometimes plate my hair and straighten it as well.

4- My fourth dream job would to be a fashion designer because I love clothes and anything to do with clothes. I also like to design wedding dresses. Even though I can’t really make any clothes, it would be a cool job to do.

5- My fifth dream job would to be singer because ever since I was younger I’ve always liked to sing and watch movie and TV shows which have got to do with music and singing. Even though I can’t really sing, it would be amazing to be famous and just sing on a stage and do what you love.

6- The sixth dream job that I would want to be, would be a interviewer because you can talk to celebrities and meet new people and it would be so much fun. It would a dream!

7- My seventh dream job would be to, ummm, I actually don’t know, I think that I said them all.

Homework- Reflective Week 3rd

Monday– UH, Mondays. Having to wake up on a cold morning, and when you’re juts lying in your warm bed, you think, oh great, I have to go to school. So I went to school, and it was our last time, until Friday, to do a proper day because the year 5’s have to do Naplan. After school, I went to netball training and it was really cold, but it was so much fun.

Tuesday– Netball day!! I was really excited because I had netball on! Tuesday was also a bit different because the year 5’s were doing Naplan, so it kind of mucked up our schedule. So instead, in the morning, all of the year 6’s went over to the prep buildings, and we were writing a story. It was really fun. And after school, I played netball!!! YAY! It was so much fun, and we won but I can’t really remember the score. I think that maybe I could of played better, but I went in my favourite position GA!! I had so much fun!

Wednesday– IT was just like Tuesday, with the year 5’s doing Naplan, so we went over to the prep buildings and made our stories. And after school I just got to rest and do nothing! 🙂

Thursday– Today was the day that we got to finish our stories with our buddies. I had lots of fun making it, and we finished today because my buddy kept getting distracted with things, but yeah, it was really fun. When I got home from school, I didn’t have to do anything again because my sisters netball team had a bye, so I didn’t have to play.

Friday– FUN FRIDAYS! I love going to school on Friday’s because in the morning we do Maths and Literacy, then after snack was Daily 3, then it was sport and draw squad! I had SO much fun doing Zumba half the time for sport. I really want to do it again sometime. Then after Zumba was netball! It was really fun, but besides the fact that I hurt my finger and I couldn’t bend it, I still had a great time. After lunch was draw squad and I had a ball. It was so fun and I couldn’t stop laughing. After school I went to Geelong before I played netball to get some new Nike Frees, then I played netball! It was really fun, and we lost buy I think 2 or 3 goals, but that’s ok. We can try again next time.

Saturday– I did NOTHING! I just chilled at home and did nothing. And of course it was lazy Saturday so we had Fish and Chips for dinner, and after I watched a movie.

Sunday– It was my cousins birthday, so we went over to his house and played around for a bit. And after we all walked down to the footy oval and played some footy and kicked some goals. Lets just say that I’m probably not the best footy player…

Homework- Reflective Week 2nd

Monday– Oh, Monday’s. Well, it was just a typical Monday at school. My absolute favourite thing that we do at school is Daily 3. I used to really not like it, but ever since I’ve started writing stories at home, I’ve got more of an idea to write stories at school. So now, I’ve written about 5 stories. I may not have finished them yet, but on Monday I thought that I had fun writing my story. And after school, Ruby.P came to my house again for netball training.

Tuesday– YAY! I love Tuesday’s because I have something to look forward to at the end of the day, and that’s netball. And yes, of course Tuesday was just like an ordinary day, and we won netball again, but I think that maybe we could of done maybe a little better.

Wednesday– Ah, Wednesday. My rest day. And yes, it was a normal day again at school. Woke up, ate, went to school, came home from school, ate, and went to sleep.

– On Thursday it was specialist and I love specialist because is has a variety of things that we do during the day, and it’s just so fun because it’s like all the things that we do in specialist, is all of the things that we do in high school. After school, I played netball for my sisters team, but the other team didn’t show up, so we just stayed at Surfworld for about 20 minutes just shooting goals and playing games.

Friday– YAY! Friday! One of the best days of the week! So Friday was just like an ordinary day. But I was excited because I had netball on! After school, I got dressed straight into my netball clothes because my game was at 5:05. I played netball and it was so fun! WE lost :(, but that’s okay because we can lose some games, and win some, but we never give up and we always keep going.

Saturday– It felt so nice sleep in. I just did nothing on Saturday. I love Saturday’s because I can just rest, or I can do what I want. But, it was Kesia’s birthday party. It was that you had to dress up as a animal from the jungle, and I went as a cheetah. It was SO much fun and I enjoyed it so much. It was also nice to see Tijanna again, considering I haven’t seen her in ages.

Sunday– Oh, I really don’t like Sunday’s. They’re so boring. Because my parents just like to rest and do nothing, so that means that I have to do nothing…

Homework- Reflective Week

Monday– On Monday, I went to school and when I got home, I went to netball training with Ruby Papworth. It was really fun and I thought that I could’ve probably trained a bit harder.

Tuesday– On Tuesday, I went to school, and school was finished, I tried my science experiment again, until I went to netball. My team the Zappos won, and I think that it was really fun because we all went into positions that we don’t go in. I thought that I maybe could of played a little bit better in WA, but I think that I played ok in GD because I hardly go in that position.

– On Wednesday, of course, I went to school. But 2 classes went to Mass, so we did something different. We got to do Rebus Writing, and it was really fun, because you had to put a picture there, instead of a word. It took a while to do, so the teachers sent it home for homework. When I got home, I did nothing…

Thursday– Thursday was SO fun! We started our little activities. They were SO fun! I enjoyed them so much. It was really good because it was free choice and we could choose what we wanted to do, like it was like a free day. In the afternoon, our class showed our experiments. Emma.W showed hers, and after a while, it worked. After school finished, I had to play for my sisters netball team. We only had 4 players, until someone from the other tea, had to come into our team for a quarter, to make us play. We lost, but it was a really hard game, espically me because I was playing in the year 7, 8, and 9 comp. I thought I played alright considering that I was playing with and against people who are older than me.

– Friday! One of my favourite days of the week. We did the same thing on Thursday, like the little activities. There was a new suduko, so that was first on my list. Friday was my day to do my experiment. I did the Flying Tea Bag. My experiment didn’t work, but that’s because sometimes it doesn’t work, so trial and error. But it does work. After school finished, I caught the bus home with Emma.W, Emma.Q, Ella.R, Meg, and Jessi-Rose because I was going bowling. I won this thing in the news paper for my birthday, and it said that I could go bowling with 5 friends. I had so much fun, but I didn’t win, but that’s okay. It was actually really hard to play because I was so used to playing bowling on the Wii. I was supposed to play netball, but we have to many players in our team, but it was our week off.

Saturday– Sleeping in feels so good until, “come on, get up, we’re going to the netball,” is shouted at you by your mum. I went to watch Torquay vs Anglesea, and I saw Emma.Q and Emma.W. I had loads of fun. But after Emma.Q left, and Emma.W went somewhere, I was stuck in the car, waiting for mum so we could go home. When she finally came, we went and go chips and gravy from this shop in Anglesea called Jums. They are DELICIOUS! And after that, I did nothing. But, after dinner when my sister bought the dogs upstairs, there was only one dog. My sister told me that my other dog has had a fit because it has epilepsy, and it had been going for a while, her fit. So my dad had to take her to the vet in Geelong, but in the car, she died. I could not stop crying when I found out. She was the first pet that I’d ever had. I was really sad because it was so sudden.

Sunday– Sunday=bored. I do nothing on Sunday’s. I went on the Wii and my Iphone, and just really did nothing! But I did this on Sunday.